Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Year's stuff

Dears, I'm wishing you all the best for this new year. May your wishes come true and your minds find happiness!
After a couple of weeks some news from me from the Himalayan plateau. Things are alright here, but our text is quite difficult and our brains are looking forward for the holidays in 3 weeks. In case you're interested, check the "News" section of our Shedra-website for more infos and pics.

To celebrate the anniversary of the death of Khenpo
Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche the Shedra
students joined
Khenpo Namdrol in the main templehall for an evening
Tsok-practice in December.

At the 30th of December we had a evening together
uniting Christmas and New Year's Eve with a delicious
buffet and nice a decoration.

This is a view of the Shedra East crew while discussing
philosophical points. Usually there are more
materials on our tables and our faces look more
participating, too.

A selftimer shot taken during a short walk in the
beautiful surrounding fields and hills. NYC in the
Nepali countryside...

This one's from last weekend. In the back you see the
thrilling mountain ranges of the Himalayas! We've got
winter here, too, but nevertheless it's often T-Shirt time.

Kids in the middle of the mountain forest.
No money, no toys to play with, but the
most beautiful and content smiles in the
world. Wherever you go here in the
countryside, you'll find them, smiling at you.

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