Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rainbow Land

Sogyal Rinpoche, 28.10.2009, Lerab Ling
An amazing double-rainbow on the way up to Lerab Ling
In this last phase of the 3-Year-Retreat Sogyal Rinpoche is revealing to his closest students the heart of the Tibetan Buddhist teachings. The 28th of October has become an historic date for all of us here in Lerab Ling. Everybody participating in these last weeks experiences the depth and unlimited vastness of what these teachings actually offer to whoever is willing to commit his- or herself fully to this Path. Eventhough Tibetan Buddhism can appear tremendously complex, often maybe even unaccessible to our ordinary mind, in its essence the teachings show that, behind the manifold aspects and features, the way things are is so simple and yet so profound.
And having a master like Sogyal Rinpoche who embodies the richness of the teachings so perfectly, is the greatest treasure. And as if nature wanted to emphasise the importance and beauty of what is happening in Lerab Ling, on our way up to the mountains this incredible vivid double-rainbow appeared a few days ago. So close I could swear I was able to see its ends. But also in Lerab Ling itself rainbows were visible.

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